Single Player and Multiplayer LEGO® fan game shooter with many competitive, co-operative and single player game modes

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An amazing server made by a passionate team of Minecraft developers, it's the perfect place to have fun on mini-games and just chill out.

IP: play.chemicraft.net - chemicraft.net - @ChemiCraftMC


Old Club Penguin is back... with a twist

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OldCP Military Explosive Training

Put your OldCP EXPLOSIVE skills to the test with this!

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OldCP Military Firearm Training

Put your OldCP firearm skills to the test with this!

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Snaildom - Kingdom of Snails was created by the DamenSpike GAMES HQ and was taken over by other developers since

Ended in 2017


Chat and meet new friends in the SnailsChat forest!

Ended in 2013

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