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Penguin Isles is a brand new exploring multiplayer game. Players can create a virtual penguin and join either the Hackers or the Kingdom. Penguins just like you can become the King or Queen of the entire Kingdom!

You can become rich with riches, like gold and special items and objects, you can form your own island and explore all the other islands. On the snowball matches, you can battle your friends and foes in snowball wars and win gold and riches from that.

You will be able to join clubs like Fishing club and fish for gold. Exploring cities, forests and rivers has never been funner than now.

Penguin Isles Map

Blasters and Assault Methods

The PenguinIsles crosshair and blaster focus method involves holding a fast fire snowball blaster. These can fire snowballs allot faster and varies the area of landing.

In photo you can see some of the blasters that are going to be made for Penguin Isles.

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