North Knight

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The Royal Northern Council are looking for up to 5 new North Knights.

This rank requires a password reset.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Serve the King/Queen of the North.
  • Have a loyalty toward the King's House.
  • Execute the King's justice in the North.
  • Respect the boundaries of the North.
  • Protect the North from any threat.
  • Use any means necessary to guard the North and it's King.

  • Good English grammar and keyboard typing skills.
  • Excellent knowledge and passion for upholding the OldCP rules no matter who is involved.
  • A regularly active user capable of clocking at least 14 hours per week.
  • Member of for more than 6 months.
  • Exclusive interest in playing over other games.
  • Outstanding reputation with the Moderators and Administrators on OldCP.
  • Knowing proper etiquette of using a sword (No pulling it out unless necessary)
  • Not a PW Captain, Southern Knight, or Moderator
  • Clearance from the "DRAKEFORT" Military to hold arms.

Additional Points
  • Why do you want to be Northern Guard?
  • Scenario: There is a goblin in the South of OldCP. What should you do?

Reviewal Date
Saturday 30th September 2017

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