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Thank you so much for your support! I have been getting a lot of requests, too many in fact, so the value of the requests are now higher. Thanks again!

My creativity is yours, let's make something epic.

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Artwork of yourself or someone else.

A short YouTube video.

A longer YouTube video (select the $30 option)

Artwork for OldCP such as a room or item.

A custom weapon or item to be made in LeoRPG 2.

A custom item or weapon in OldCP.

A video of me saying dialogue.

What else can you think of?

Please don't ask for

A game.

A rank on OldCP or changes to the ranks.

Things against the canon. e.g. super powers

To have a position or powers.

To have a weapon if you don't have one.

For gold/hound(s) on OldCP.

Things that will take considerably longer than 8 days.

Terms Of Service

Thank you so much for becoming a patron of me, DamenSpike, it's great to help each other!

By supporting me using this patron, please do not request for services that I have mentioned above beneath the heading 'Please don't ask for'. If you request something that can not be made or if it is not what you asked for or if it is not completed on time, you will be refunded immediately.

Please allow 3 days for the work to be completed. If however the work load is high, please allow up to 9 days. You will be informed if this is the case.

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